Russ C. McLauchlan, Founder

Russ McLauchlanRuss McLauchlan is the Chairman and CEO of Calvert Holdings, Inc. He founded Calvert Holdings in March 1996 following twenty-six years in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. He led the company through its acquisition and internal development of key units resulting in an operation capable of providing significant drug testing and development, capital investment, management, and marketing services for emerging biodiscovery and other business organizations.

Prior to founding Calvert, McLauchlan served as president with an early stage pharmaceutical company and a biotechnology company and as an executive with a multinational pharmaceutical/chemical company. He also served as a board member of national and state biotechnology trade associations.

In addition to serving with and heading up national and global companies, Russ is active in local community ventures including his involvement in a local angel investment group and serving as a Board Member at NC State’s Poole College of Management.